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Custom Medication (Compounding)

Customize your medications with compounding!

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Whether you have sensitive skin, allergies, need special pain relief, or are simply tired of medication that tastes bad, our compounding lab can offer you the help you deserve.

General Compunding
Compounding is in essence taking various medicine components and bringing them together in a form best suited to treat a particular patient or condition prescribed by their physician. Most patients can benefit from off-the-shelf medications, however, others would be best treated if a medication could be delivered in a more customized form.

Your Kopp Drug pharmacy can take many prescribed medications and turn them into various forms such as cremes, powders, sprays or gels. Medicines can be flavored, turned into lollipops, or lozenges that can be taken like a cough drop.

We can produce smaller doses, or combine medications into doses that are more suited for a patient, such as children or people who have difficulty taking many pills. Compounding also allows for very precise adjustments of amounts and proportions of medications, especially beneficial for therapies such as hormone replacement.

Kopp Drug can compound prescriptions for pets!

Even pets can benefit from compounding, as many medications can be made more palatable or delivered to them through the skin.

For more information on compounding, please contact our Kopp Drug- Pleasant Valley location.